Ohio OH, Columbus Weather 15 Day

Columbus Weather 15 Day

Mon 1/17A.M. flurries; cloudy, breezyA.M. flurries; cloudy, breezyprecipitation 6532°F45°F
Tue 1/18Some sun, then turning cloudySome sun, then turning cloudyprecipitation 436°F34°F
Wed 1/19CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2443°F46°F
Thu 1/20Periods of sun; quite coldPeriods of sun; quite coldprecipitation 539°F54°F
Fri 1/21Partly sunny and very coldPartly sunny and very coldprecipitation 841°F48°F
Sat 1/22Mostly cloudy, flurries; coldMostly cloudy, flurries; coldprecipitation 3537°F43°F
Sun 1/23Cold with flurriesCold with flurriesprecipitation 3037°F46°F
Mon 1/24Mostly cloudy and coldMostly cloudy and coldprecipitation 2534°F48°F
Tue 1/25Mostly cloudy, snow possibleMostly cloudy, snow possibleprecipitation 3534°F50°F
Wed 1/26Cold with sunny intervalsCold with sunny intervalsprecipitation 037°F50°F
Thu 1/27CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2537°F46°F
Fri 1/28Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 134°F43°F
Sat 1/29Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 2537°F43°F
Sun 1/30Mostly cloudy, snow possibleMostly cloudy, snow possibleprecipitation 3537°F41°F

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