Michigan MI, Owosso Weather 15 Day

Owosso Weather 15 Day

Alert Snow expected today - see amounts...

Sat 1/28A little afternoon snowA little afternoon snowprecipitation 5536°F41°F
Sun 1/29A little snow at timesA little snow at timesprecipitation 8637°F48°F
Mon 1/30Frigid; a morning flurryFrigid; a morning flurryprecipitation 4145°F64°F
Tue 1/31Mostly cloudy and very coldMostly cloudy and very coldprecipitation 1648°F57°F
Wed 2/1Mostly cloudy and not as coldMostly cloudy and not as coldprecipitation 1039°F45°F
Thu 2/2Very cold with clouds and sunVery cold with clouds and sunprecipitation 1843°F59°F
Fri 2/3Partly sunny and quite coldPartly sunny and quite coldprecipitation 2441°F48°F
Sat 2/4Cold with a bit of snowCold with a bit of snowprecipitation 5539°F45°F
Sun 2/5Mostly cloudy, a snow showerMostly cloudy, a snow showerprecipitation 5536°F45°F
Mon 2/6Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 836°F46°F
Tue 2/7Turning cloudyTurning cloudyprecipitation 534°F46°F
Wed 2/8CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2534°F48°F
Thu 2/9Clouds and sunClouds and sunprecipitation 232°F48°F
Fri 2/10Cloudy with a bit of snowCloudy with a bit of snowprecipitation 5534°F48°F

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