Arizona AZ, San Luis Weekly Weather Forecast

San Luis Weekly Weather Forecast

Alert Thunderstorms, some heavy, late this afternoon through this evening...

Thu 9/29A heavy t-storm in the p.m.A heavy t-storm in the p.m.precipitation 55100°F79°F
Fri 9/30Mostly sunny and warmMostly sunny and warmprecipitation 1100°F77°F
Sat 10/1Sun mixing with clouds; warmSun mixing with clouds; warmprecipitation 3100°F79°F
Sun 10/2Sunny and hotSunny and hotprecipitation 299°F77°F
Mon 10/3Warm with plenty of sunshineWarm with plenty of sunshineprecipitation 1102°F79°F
Tue 10/4Sunny and warmSunny and warmprecipitation 2102°F79°F

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