Delaware DE, Little Creek Weather 7 Day

Little Creek Weather 7 Day

Fri 5/20A severe p.m. t-storm; humidA severe p.m. t-storm; humidprecipitation 5586°F72°F
Sat 5/21Record-tying heat, humidRecord-tying heat, humidprecipitation 093°F73°F
Sun 5/22Partly sunny and very warmPartly sunny and very warmprecipitation 2588°F64°F
Mon 5/23Cooler; breezy in the morningCooler; breezy in the morningprecipitation 2573°F59°F
Tue 5/24Cloudy and breezyCloudy and breezyprecipitation 2568°F54°F
Wed 5/25A couple of afternoon showersA couple of afternoon showersprecipitation 6268°F59°F

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