Michigan MI, Forest Hills Weekly Weather Forecast

Forest Hills Weekly Weather Forecast

Alert Snow expected today - see amounts...

Wed 11/30Windy with snow showersWindy with snow showersprecipitation 8634°F39°F
Thu 12/1Partly sunny and chillyPartly sunny and chillyprecipitation 236°F36°F
Fri 12/2Milder; breezy in the p.m.Milder; breezy in the p.m.precipitation 2048°F34°F
Sat 12/3Low clouds, windy and colderLow clouds, windy and colderprecipitation 1237°F43°F
Sun 12/4Breezy with sunshineBreezy with sunshineprecipitation 539°F41°F
Mon 12/5Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 2536°F36°F

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