Vermont VT, Albany Weekly Weather Forecast

Albany Weekly Weather Forecast

Alert Mixed rain and snow tomorrow morning to tomorrow evening; watch for icy spots...

Wed 12/1An a.m. flurry; mostly cloudyAn a.m. flurry; mostly cloudyprecipitation 4032°F45°F
Thu 12/2Cloudy with a little snowCloudy with a little snowprecipitation 8039°F36°F
Fri 12/3Flurries; breezy and colderFlurries; breezy and colderprecipitation 4936°F52°F
Sat 12/4Mostly cloudy, snow showersMostly cloudy, snow showersprecipitation 4936°F55°F
Sun 12/5Rather cloudyRather cloudyprecipitation 2537°F43°F
Mon 12/6A chance for snow and sleetA chance for snow and sleetprecipitation 3534°F48°F

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