Delaware DE, Lewes Weather 10 Day

Lewes Weather 10 Day

Alert Rain, some heavy, and thunderstorms to affect the area from this afternoon into late tonight...

Thu 9/23Rain and a thunderstormRain and a thunderstormprecipitation 7579°F63°F
Fri 9/24A little a.m. rain; clearingA little a.m. rain; clearingprecipitation 5573°F61°F
Sat 9/25Mostly sunny and niceMostly sunny and niceprecipitation 773°F61°F
Sun 9/26Sunny and beautifulSunny and beautifulprecipitation 675°F61°F
Mon 9/27Partly sunny and beautifulPartly sunny and beautifulprecipitation 875°F64°F
Tue 9/28Partly sunny and beautifulPartly sunny and beautifulprecipitation 1079°F61°F
Wed 9/29CloudyCloudyprecipitation 975°F59°F
Thu 9/30Sunshine, a shower possibleSunshine, a shower possibleprecipitation 3072°F59°F
Fri 10/1CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2577°F59°F

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