Kentucky KY, Alexandria Weather 10 Day

Alexandria Weather 10 Day

Alert Rain and thunderstorms tonight...

Wed 11/30Windy and coolerWindy and coolerprecipitation 1545°F41°F
Thu 12/1SunnySunnyprecipitation 041°F41°F
Fri 12/2Some brightening and warmerSome brightening and warmerprecipitation 1354°F50°F
Sat 12/3Breezy with a few showersBreezy with a few showersprecipitation 7555°F37°F
Sun 12/4Partial sunshinePartial sunshineprecipitation 446°F37°F
Mon 12/5Periods of rainPeriods of rainprecipitation 9254°F46°F
Tue 12/6Mostly cloudy, showers aroundMostly cloudy, showers aroundprecipitation 5654°F37°F
Wed 12/7Overcast with a showerOvercast with a showerprecipitation 5541°F39°F
Thu 12/8Sun and cloudsSun and cloudsprecipitation 039°F41°F

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