Oklahoma OK, Adair Weather 10 Day

Adair Weather 10 Day

Alert Rain, some heavy, to affect the area this morning...

Sat 11/26Heavy rain tapering off; coolHeavy rain tapering off; coolprecipitation 9652°F43°F
Sun 11/27Partly sunny and coolPartly sunny and coolprecipitation 1352°F32°F
Mon 11/28Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 259°F50°F
Tue 11/29Mostly cloudy and warmerMostly cloudy and warmerprecipitation 972°F37°F
Wed 11/30Mostly sunny and chillyMostly sunny and chillyprecipitation 843°F41°F
Thu 12/1Partly sunny and warmerPartly sunny and warmerprecipitation 350°F36°F
Fri 12/2Periods of sunPeriods of sunprecipitation 855°F48°F
Sat 12/3Mostly cloudy, a little rainMostly cloudy, a little rainprecipitation 5552°F39°F
Sun 12/4Rain and snowRain and snowprecipitation 3555°F36°F

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