Oregon OR, Aloha Weather 10 Day

Aloha Weather 10 Day

Tue 3/28Rain and drizzleRain and drizzleprecipitation 9750°F37°F
Wed 3/29Warmer; a morning showerWarmer; a morning showerprecipitation 4057°F36°F
Thu 3/30A shower in the afternoonA shower in the afternoonprecipitation 5652°F39°F
Fri 3/31Cloudy with a shower; chillyCloudy with a shower; chillyprecipitation 8848°F36°F
Sat 4/1Chilly with periods of rainChilly with periods of rainprecipitation 9150°F36°F
Sun 4/2Mostly cloudy, showers aroundMostly cloudy, showers aroundprecipitation 8946°F32°F
Mon 4/3Cloudy, a shower; chillyCloudy, a shower; chillyprecipitation 5548°F34°F
Tue 4/4Mostly cloudy with a showerMostly cloudy with a showerprecipitation 5550°F36°F
Wed 4/5Periods of rainPeriods of rainprecipitation 6052°F37°F

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