Pennsylvania PA, Kingston Weather 10 Day

Kingston Weather 10 Day

Tue 9/27Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 2564°F46°F
Wed 9/28Periods of sun with a showerPeriods of sun with a showerprecipitation 6564°F46°F
Thu 9/29Intervals of clouds and sunIntervals of clouds and sunprecipitation 061°F41°F
Fri 9/30More sunshine than cloudsMore sunshine than cloudsprecipitation 666°F50°F
Sat 10/1Mainly cloudyMainly cloudyprecipitation 2566°F52°F
Sun 10/2Showers possibleShowers possibleprecipitation 3566°F48°F
Mon 10/3Mainly cloudy with a showerMainly cloudy with a showerprecipitation 5566°F45°F
Tue 10/4Cloudy with rain possibleCloudy with rain possibleprecipitation 3563°F45°F
Wed 10/5Cloudy with a few showersCloudy with a few showersprecipitation 5864°F41°F

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