Washington WA, Anacortes Weather 10 Day

Anacortes Weather 10 Day

Alert Snow, mixed with rain at times continuing through tomorrow morning and a storm total of 2-4 cm...

Wed 11/30A bit of snow and rainA bit of snow and rainprecipitation 6943°F36°F
Thu 12/1A snow shower in the morningA snow shower in the morningprecipitation 7532°F41°F
Fri 12/2Chilly with low cloudsChilly with low cloudsprecipitation 2541°F34°F
Sat 12/3Cold; a shower in the morningCold; a shower in the morningprecipitation 5639°F34°F
Sun 12/4Snow showers in the afternoonSnow showers in the afternoonprecipitation 4939°F36°F
Mon 12/5A couple of showersA couple of showersprecipitation 7143°F32°F
Tue 12/6CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2539°F34°F
Wed 12/7A thick cloud coverA thick cloud coverprecipitation 2543°F37°F
Thu 12/8Cloudy and cold with a showerCloudy and cold with a showerprecipitation 6037°F34°F

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