Indiana IN, Greencastle Weather 15 Day

Greencastle Weather 15 Day

Mon 6/27Sunny and niceSunny and niceprecipitation 579°F54°F
Tue 6/28Sunny and pleasantSunny and pleasantprecipitation 181°F57°F
Wed 6/29Pleasant with sunshinePleasant with sunshineprecipitation 488°F64°F
Thu 6/30Sunny, hot and more humidSunny, hot and more humidprecipitation 390°F73°F
Fri 7/1A t-storm around in the p.m.A t-storm around in the p.m.precipitation 4093°F70°F
Sat 7/2A shower and thunderstormA shower and thunderstormprecipitation 8884°F68°F
Sun 7/3Mostly sunny and beautifulMostly sunny and beautifulprecipitation 1582°F63°F
Mon 7/4Rather cloudyRather cloudyprecipitation 184°F61°F
Tue 7/5A strong afternoon t-stormA strong afternoon t-stormprecipitation 6584°F63°F
Wed 7/6A shower in the a.m.; cloudyA shower in the a.m.; cloudyprecipitation 5590°F68°F
Thu 7/7Sun, then cloudsSun, then cloudsprecipitation 2988°F64°F
Fri 7/8Sunshine with a stray t-stormSunshine with a stray t-stormprecipitation 4088°F66°F
Sat 7/9Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 286°F63°F
Sun 7/10Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 386°F64°F

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