Minnesota MN, Marshall Weather 15 Day

Marshall Weather 15 Day

Alert The cold wave will continue through Tuesday...

Sun 1/29Turning cloudy and very coldTurning cloudy and very coldprecipitation 157°F75°F
Mon 1/30Partly sunny and frigidPartly sunny and frigidprecipitation 061°F70°F
Tue 1/31Breezy in the morningBreezy in the morningprecipitation 052°F59°F
Wed 2/1Clouds and sun; not as coldClouds and sun; not as coldprecipitation 445°F55°F
Thu 2/2Partly sunny and coldPartly sunny and coldprecipitation 552°F73°F
Fri 2/3Cold; breezy in the afternoonCold; breezy in the afternoonprecipitation 855°F59°F
Sat 2/4Cloudy; breezy, not as coldCloudy; breezy, not as coldprecipitation 1436°F43°F
Sun 2/5Mostly sunny and colderMostly sunny and colderprecipitation 241°F50°F
Mon 2/6Mostly cloudy and windyMostly cloudy and windyprecipitation 2536°F59°F
Tue 2/7Very windy; sunnyVery windy; sunnyprecipitation 145°F64°F
Wed 2/8Plenty of sunshine, but coldPlenty of sunshine, but coldprecipitation 146°F59°F
Thu 2/9Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 243°F57°F
Fri 2/10CloudyCloudyprecipitation 143°F54°F
Sat 2/11Windy with sun, then cloudsWindy with sun, then cloudsprecipitation 239°F54°F

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