Minnesota MN, Otsego Weather 15 Day

Otsego Weather 15 Day

Alert Mixed rain and snow Thursday morning to late Thursday night; watch for icy spots...

Tue 3/28Cold; an afternoon flurryCold; an afternoon flurryprecipitation 4132°F55°F
Wed 3/29Cold with clouds and sunCold with clouds and sunprecipitation 037°F57°F
Thu 3/30Snow and rainSnow and rainprecipitation 8236°F34°F
Fri 3/31Rain; becoming windier, coldRain; becoming windier, coldprecipitation 9137°F45°F
Sat 4/1Cold; a little morning snowCold; a little morning snowprecipitation 5537°F41°F
Sun 4/2Partly sunny and milderPartly sunny and milderprecipitation 2550°F36°F
Mon 4/3Cloudy with showers aroundCloudy with showers aroundprecipitation 6046°F34°F
Tue 4/4Cloudy, a bit of snow; colderCloudy, a bit of snow; colderprecipitation 5639°F37°F
Wed 4/5Cloudy and cold with rainCloudy and cold with rainprecipitation 5541°F36°F
Thu 4/6Cloudy with a bit of snowCloudy with a bit of snowprecipitation 5543°F37°F
Fri 4/7A bit of snow in the morningA bit of snow in the morningprecipitation 6543°F37°F
Sat 4/8Variable clouds with a showerVariable clouds with a showerprecipitation 5545°F36°F
Sun 4/9Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 246°F36°F
Mon 4/10A blend of sun and cloudsA blend of sun and cloudsprecipitation 150°F32°F

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