Missouri MO, West Plains Weather 15 Day

West Plains Weather 15 Day

Alert A heat wave from Tuesday into Thursday...

Sat 7/2Humid with some sunHumid with some sunprecipitation 5588°F72°F
Sun 7/3Humid with clouds and sunHumid with clouds and sunprecipitation 2590°F72°F
Mon 7/4Warm with a stray t-stormWarm with a stray t-stormprecipitation 4095°F75°F
Tue 7/5HotHotprecipitation 8100°F77°F
Wed 7/6HotHotprecipitation 10102°F77°F
Thu 7/7A passing shower or twoA passing shower or twoprecipitation 72100°F77°F
Fri 7/8Warm with a t-storm in spotsWarm with a t-storm in spotsprecipitation 4097°F70°F
Sat 7/9Mostly cloudy and less humidMostly cloudy and less humidprecipitation 893°F68°F
Sun 7/10Mostly sunny; low humidityMostly sunny; low humidityprecipitation 295°F68°F
Mon 7/11Sunshine, a t-storm; warmSunshine, a t-storm; warmprecipitation 5599°F70°F
Tue 7/12Warm with a stray t-stormWarm with a stray t-stormprecipitation 4597°F70°F
Wed 7/13Very warm with clouds and sunVery warm with clouds and sunprecipitation 197°F68°F
Thu 7/14Very warm with sunshineVery warm with sunshineprecipitation 195°F66°F
Fri 7/15An afternoon thunderstormAn afternoon thunderstormprecipitation 5593°F66°F

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