Texas TX, Waco Weather 15 Day

Waco Weather 15 Day

Alert The heat wave will continue through tomorrow...

Wed 5/18HotHotprecipitation 197°F73°F
Thu 5/19HotHotprecipitation 297°F73°F
Fri 5/20A strong afternoon t-stormA strong afternoon t-stormprecipitation 8295°F73°F
Sat 5/21An afternoon t-storm; breezyAn afternoon t-storm; breezyprecipitation 5593°F66°F
Sun 5/22Partly sunny and not as hotPartly sunny and not as hotprecipitation 2582°F68°F
Mon 5/23A morning thunderstorm; humidA morning thunderstorm; humidprecipitation 5586°F68°F
Tue 5/24Humid; an afternoon t-stormHumid; an afternoon t-stormprecipitation 5584°F70°F
Wed 5/25Clearing and humidClearing and humidprecipitation 090°F72°F
Thu 5/26An afternoon t-storm; humidAn afternoon t-storm; humidprecipitation 5590°F73°F
Fri 5/27Cloudy, very warm and humidCloudy, very warm and humidprecipitation 2593°F72°F
Sat 5/28Mostly cloudy and very warmMostly cloudy and very warmprecipitation 2595°F73°F
Sun 5/29Cloudy and hotCloudy and hotprecipitation 2597°F75°F
Mon 5/30Mainly cloudy and hotMainly cloudy and hotprecipitation 095°F75°F
Tue 5/31Humid with clouds and sunHumid with clouds and sunprecipitation 2595°F73°F

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