Vermont VT, Morrisville Weather 15 Day

Morrisville Weather 15 Day

Alert Snow expected today - see amounts...

Wed 1/19A little morning snow, 0-1 cmA little morning snow, 0-1 cmprecipitation 7732°F48°F
Thu 1/20Low clouds and colderLow clouds and colderprecipitation 546°F82°F
Fri 1/21Sunshine and bitterly coldSunshine and bitterly coldprecipitation 459°F82°F
Sat 1/22Clouds and sun; not as coldClouds and sun; not as coldprecipitation 348°F66°F
Sun 1/23Overcast and not as coldOvercast and not as coldprecipitation 2539°F66°F
Mon 1/24Turning sharply colderTurning sharply colderprecipitation 1752°F70°F
Tue 1/25Snow or flurries possibleSnow or flurries possibleprecipitation 3045°F64°F
Wed 1/26Sunny and very coldSunny and very coldprecipitation 054°F68°F
Thu 1/27Sunny and not as coldSunny and not as coldprecipitation 045°F59°F
Fri 1/28Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 043°F61°F
Sat 1/29CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2543°F54°F
Sun 1/30CloudyCloudyprecipitation 1439°F54°F
Mon 1/31Decreasing cloudsDecreasing cloudsprecipitation 343°F54°F
Tue 2/1CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2541°F52°F

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