Minnesota MN, Fergus Falls Weather 30 Day

Fergus Falls Weather 30 Day

Alert Snowfall from Friday afternoon into Friday evening will total 2-4 cm...

Wed 11/30Winds subsiding and coldWinds subsiding and coldprecipitation 150°F59°F
Thu 12/1Winds subsiding, not as coldWinds subsiding, not as coldprecipitation 134°F39°F
Fri 12/2Afternoon snow, 1-2 cmAfternoon snow, 1-2 cmprecipitation 8034°F68°F
Sat 12/3Colder with clouds and sunColder with clouds and sunprecipitation 148°F52°F
Sun 12/4Sunny and not as coldSunny and not as coldprecipitation 341°F52°F
Mon 12/5Breezy in the afternoonBreezy in the afternoonprecipitation 2539°F66°F
Tue 12/6Cloudy and colderCloudy and colderprecipitation 2552°F68°F
Wed 12/7Cloudy and coldCloudy and coldprecipitation 2550°F66°F
Thu 12/8Mainly cloudy and coldMainly cloudy and coldprecipitation 450°F63°F
Fri 12/9Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 246°F57°F
Sat 12/10Times of clouds and sunTimes of clouds and sunprecipitation 346°F59°F
Sun 12/11Cloudy and coldCloudy and coldprecipitation 248°F57°F
Mon 12/12Clouds giving way to some sunClouds giving way to some sunprecipitation 146°F54°F
Tue 12/13Increasing cloudinessIncreasing cloudinessprecipitation 143°F54°F
Wed 12/14CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2546°F52°F
Thu 12/15Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 2041°F61°F
Fri 12/16Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 2046°F57°F
Sat 12/17Considerable cloudinessConsiderable cloudinessprecipitation 2543°F52°F
Sun 12/18A thick cloud coverA thick cloud coverprecipitation 2541°F52°F
Mon 12/19Considerable cloudinessConsiderable cloudinessprecipitation 2541°F52°F
Tue 12/20Cloudy with a bit of snowCloudy with a bit of snowprecipitation 5937°F52°F
Wed 12/21CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2541°F59°F
Thu 12/22Cloudy and colderCloudy and colderprecipitation 2548°F61°F
Fri 12/23CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2546°F55°F
Sat 12/24CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2541°F54°F
Sun 12/25Remaining cloudyRemaining cloudyprecipitation 2536°F48°F
Mon 12/26Rather cloudyRather cloudyprecipitation 2536°F48°F
Tue 12/27Partly sunny and windyPartly sunny and windyprecipitation 2534°F59°F
Wed 12/28Mostly cloudy and colderMostly cloudy and colderprecipitation 2550°F70°F

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