Stillwater Monthly Weather Forecast forecast

Stillwater 30 day weather forecast

Rain, some heavy, and thunderstorms to affect the area from late tonight into tomorrow morning...

Date Weather Pre. Max. Min
Fri 9/22Cloudy and mild; a brief evening shower or two followed by periods of rain and a thunderstorm late71°F65°F
Sat 9/23Mostly cloudy and humid with a couple of showers70°F63°F
Sun 9/24Periods of rain68°F59°F
Mon 9/25Considerable clouds with a couple of showers in the afternoon70°F56°F
Tue 9/26Partly sunny and nice71°F57°F
Wed 9/27Pleasant with sun and some clouds71°F57°F
Thu 9/28Mostly sunny and delightful73°F57°F
Fri 9/29Sunshine77°F65°F
Sat 9/30Plenty of sunshine75°F63°F
Sun 10/1Periods of rain75°F59°F
Mon 10/2Mostly cloudy71°F56°F
Tue 10/3Sunshine68°F54°F
Wed 10/4Plenty of sunshine64°F50°F
Thu 10/5Mostly sunny64°F48°F
Fri 10/6Considerable cloudiness61°F45°F
Sat 10/7Variable clouds with a couple of showers71°F56°F
Sun 10/8Periods of rain in the morning; otherwise, considerable cloudiness70°F52°F
Mon 10/9Mostly sunny62°F50°F
Tue 10/10Times of clouds and sun61°F50°F
Wed 10/11Cloudy with a little rain59°F52°F
Thu 10/12Cloudy61°F50°F
Fri 10/13Mostly sunny64°F48°F
Sat 10/14Sunshine66°F52°F
Sun 10/15A blend of sun and clouds68°F50°F
Mon 10/16Plenty of sunshine64°F48°F
Tue 10/17Rain62°F50°F
Wed 10/18Partial sunshine64°F48°F
Thu 10/19Times of clouds and sun61°F48°F
Fri 10/20Cloudy; a little rain in the morning followed by a shower in spots in the afternoon62°F50°F

Weather for the next 30 days in Stillwater, Minnesota state, USA

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