District of Columbia DC, Federal Triangle Weather 25 Day

Federal Triangle Weather 25 Day

Alert Snowfall from before dawn Wednesday into Wednesday afternoon will total a coating to 1 cm...

Mon 12/6Breezy this afternoonBreezy this afternoonprecipitation 2568°F34°F
Tue 12/7Cooler with clouds and sunCooler with clouds and sunprecipitation 445°F34°F
Wed 12/8Cold with a little snowCold with a little snowprecipitation 8841°F41°F
Thu 12/9Variable cloudinessVariable cloudinessprecipitation 241°F34°F
Fri 12/10Mostly cloudy and milderMostly cloudy and milderprecipitation 2552°F46°F
Sat 12/11A couple of showers possibleA couple of showers possibleprecipitation 3072°F50°F
Sun 12/12Cooler with rain possibleCooler with rain possibleprecipitation 3554°F36°F
Mon 12/13Partial sunshinePartial sunshineprecipitation 054°F37°F
Tue 12/14Turning out cloudyTurning out cloudyprecipitation 054°F39°F
Wed 12/15Cloudy to partly sunnyCloudy to partly sunnyprecipitation 057°F43°F
Thu 12/16Considerable cloudinessConsiderable cloudinessprecipitation 2561°F45°F
Fri 12/17Partly sunny and warmPartly sunny and warmprecipitation 364°F43°F
Sat 12/18Variable cloudinessVariable cloudinessprecipitation 2559°F46°F
Sun 12/19Plenty of sunshinePlenty of sunshineprecipitation 057°F41°F
Mon 12/20CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2554°F37°F
Tue 12/21Cloudy with a little rainCloudy with a little rainprecipitation 6148°F36°F
Wed 12/22Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 2548°F36°F
Thu 12/23Intervals of clouds and sunIntervals of clouds and sunprecipitation 2550°F36°F
Fri 12/24Partial sunshinePartial sunshineprecipitation 2546°F34°F
Sat 12/25A chance of morning rainA chance of morning rainprecipitation 3548°F34°F
Sun 12/26Sunny much of the timeSunny much of the timeprecipitation 1039°F37°F
Mon 12/27Times of clouds and sunTimes of clouds and sunprecipitation 2536°F34°F
Tue 12/28Not as coldNot as coldprecipitation 5843°F36°F
Wed 12/29An afternoon shower in spotsAn afternoon shower in spotsprecipitation 5545°F36°F

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