Delaware DE, Ellendale Weather 25 Day

Ellendale Weather 25 Day

Fri 5/20Partly sunny and humidPartly sunny and humidprecipitation 2588°F77°F
Sat 5/21Plenty of sun, hot and humidPlenty of sun, hot and humidprecipitation 095°F73°F
Sun 5/22Very warm and humidVery warm and humidprecipitation 2590°F64°F
Mon 5/23Cloudy and coolerCloudy and coolerprecipitation 2573°F59°F
Tue 5/24Showers around in the p.m.Showers around in the p.m.precipitation 6164°F55°F
Wed 5/25Rain and drizzle in the p.m.Rain and drizzle in the p.m.precipitation 6968°F61°F
Thu 5/26A shower and t-storm; warmerA shower and t-storm; warmerprecipitation 8579°F63°F
Fri 5/27A shower and thunderstormA shower and thunderstormprecipitation 8577°F57°F
Sat 5/28A shower and thunderstormA shower and thunderstormprecipitation 8473°F55°F
Sun 5/29A shower and thunderstormA shower and thunderstormprecipitation 8477°F59°F
Mon 5/30Cloudy, a t-storm in the p.m.Cloudy, a t-storm in the p.m.precipitation 5577°F63°F
Tue 5/31CloudyCloudyprecipitation 281°F61°F
Wed 6/1Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 2579°F61°F
Thu 6/2Windy with a thunderstormWindy with a thunderstormprecipitation 8079°F61°F
Fri 6/3Clearing and humidClearing and humidprecipitation 2577°F55°F
Sat 6/4CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2581°F64°F
Sun 6/5Cloudy and humidCloudy and humidprecipitation 2581°F66°F
Mon 6/6Partly sunny and less humidPartly sunny and less humidprecipitation 2082°F61°F
Tue 6/7A thick cloud coverA thick cloud coverprecipitation 2579°F61°F
Wed 6/8Cloudy and humidCloudy and humidprecipitation 2579°F63°F
Thu 6/9Humid with plenty of sunshineHumid with plenty of sunshineprecipitation 2077°F63°F
Fri 6/10Mostly cloudy and less humidMostly cloudy and less humidprecipitation 2582°F61°F
Sat 6/11Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 2575°F63°F
Sun 6/12Humid with sun and cloudsHumid with sun and cloudsprecipitation 2577°F64°F

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