Michigan MI, Hamtramck Weather 25 Day

Hamtramck Weather 25 Day

Alert Expect rainy weather late tomorrow night through Thursday afternoon...

Tue 2/7Cloudy and mildCloudy and mildprecipitation 455°F32°F
Wed 2/8Variable cloudinessVariable cloudinessprecipitation 146°F34°F
Thu 2/9Rain tapering offRain tapering offprecipitation 9657°F37°F
Fri 2/10Cloudy, flurries; coolerCloudy, flurries; coolerprecipitation 6543°F34°F
Sat 2/11Decreasing cloudsDecreasing cloudsprecipitation 236°F37°F
Sun 2/12Mostly sunny and milderMostly sunny and milderprecipitation 946°F36°F
Mon 2/13Mostly cloudy and mildMostly cloudy and mildprecipitation 2548°F34°F
Tue 2/14Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 046°F41°F
Wed 2/15Overcast and windyOvercast and windyprecipitation 2550°F37°F
Thu 2/16Sun, then cloudsSun, then cloudsprecipitation 346°F36°F
Fri 2/17Mostly cloudy, a bit of snowMostly cloudy, a bit of snowprecipitation 5541°F41°F
Sat 2/18Cloudy and colderCloudy and colderprecipitation 532°F41°F
Sun 2/19Sunny to partly cloudySunny to partly cloudyprecipitation 034°F36°F
Mon 2/20Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 237°F34°F
Tue 2/21CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2537°F36°F
Wed 2/22Sun, then cloudsSun, then cloudsprecipitation 2537°F46°F
Thu 2/23Rain, freezing on surfacesRain, freezing on surfacesprecipitation 7036°F34°F
Fri 2/24Cloudy and milderCloudy and milderprecipitation 2548°F41°F
Sat 2/25Remaining cloudy and colderRemaining cloudy and colderprecipitation 2536°F43°F
Sun 2/26Sun, then cloudsSun, then cloudsprecipitation 2534°F43°F
Mon 2/27Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 2036°F37°F
Tue 2/28Periods of snowPeriods of snowprecipitation 6439°F36°F
Wed 3/1Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 2041°F37°F
Thu 3/2Cloudy with a little snowCloudy with a little snowprecipitation 6039°F34°F

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