Austin weather forecast 60 days

Austin 60 day weather forecast

Sat 12/9Breezy this evening; otherwise, mainly clear and cooler77°F43°F
Sun 12/10Cooler with plenty of sunshine63°F36°F
Mon 12/11Plenty of sunshine66°F45°F
Tue 12/12Clouds and breaks of sun70°F52°F
Wed 12/13Cloudy66°F47°F
Thu 12/14Mostly cloudy61°F48°F
Fri 12/15Occasional rain59°F47°F
Sat 12/16Sunshine63°F41°F
Sun 12/17Mostly cloudy66°F41°F
Mon 12/18Plenty of sunshine66°F48°F
Tue 12/19Mostly cloudy with a shower in spots65°F50°F
Wed 12/20Variable cloudiness70°F47°F
Thu 12/21Cloudy and cooler57°F45°F
Fri 12/22Periods of rain65°F47°F
Sat 12/23Brilliant sunshine63°F38°F
Sun 12/24Plenty of sun61°F45°F
Mon 12/25Sun yielding to clouds66°F45°F
Tue 12/26Sunshine66°F43°F
Wed 12/27Increasing cloudiness61°F45°F
Thu 12/28Mostly cloudy66°F47°F
Fri 12/29Mostly sunny65°F39°F
Sat 12/30Windy with plenty of sunshine68°F43°F
Sun 12/31Cooler with more sun than clouds56°F38°F
Mon 1/1Plenty of sunshine54°F36°F
Tue 1/2Plenty of sunshine52°F38°F
Wed 1/3Plenty of sunshine54°F36°F
Thu 1/4Plenty of sun61°F38°F
Fri 1/5Partial sunshine61°F39°F
Sat 1/6Sunshine and patchy clouds63°F45°F
Sun 1/7Plenty of sunshine61°F41°F
Mon 1/8Mostly cloudy61°F47°F
Tue 1/9Mostly sunny57°F45°F
Wed 1/10Cloudy63°F39°F
Thu 1/11Mostly sunny57°F43°F
Fri 1/12Mostly cloudy66°F47°F
Sat 1/13Considerable clouds; a passing shower in the morning followed by rain in the afternoon65°F47°F
Sun 1/14Brilliant sunshine63°F43°F
Mon 1/15Sunny61°F45°F
Tue 1/16Sunny66°F45°F
Wed 1/17Cooler with times of clouds and sun59°F45°F
Thu 1/18Plenty of sunshine65°F47°F
Fri 1/19Times of clouds and sun68°F47°F
Sat 1/20Mostly sunny68°F45°F
Sun 1/21Showers in the morning; otherwise, variable cloudiness68°F39°F
Mon 1/22Mostly sunny68°F48°F

Weather for the next 60 days in Austin, Texas state, USA

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