New York NY, New York Weather 90 Day

New York Weather 90 Day

Alert Mixed rain and snow Tuesday...

Fri 1/21Partly sunny; breezy, colderPartly sunny; breezy, colderprecipitation 043°F52°F
Sat 1/22Mostly sunny and not as coldMostly sunny and not as coldprecipitation 036°F39°F
Sun 1/23Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 634°F41°F
Mon 1/24Times of sun and cloudsTimes of sun and cloudsprecipitation 136°F39°F
Tue 1/25Snow and rain at timesSnow and rain at timesprecipitation 8839°F36°F
Wed 1/26Colder with plenty of sunColder with plenty of sunprecipitation 1732°F46°F
Thu 1/27Cold with plenty of sunCold with plenty of sunprecipitation 1036°F46°F
Fri 1/28Sun through high cloudsSun through high cloudsprecipitation 032°F39°F
Sat 1/29CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2539°F36°F
Sun 1/30Sun, then cloudsSun, then cloudsprecipitation 237°F36°F
Mon 1/31Rain and snow possibleRain and snow possibleprecipitation 3541°F34°F
Tue 2/1Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 041°F34°F
Wed 2/2Sun and cloudsSun and cloudsprecipitation 339°F34°F
Thu 2/3A couple of showers possibleA couple of showers possibleprecipitation 3041°F36°F
Fri 2/4Cloudy with a bit of snowCloudy with a bit of snowprecipitation 5839°F36°F
Sat 2/5Snow and ice in the morningSnow and ice in the morningprecipitation 6539°F34°F
Sun 2/6SunnySunnyprecipitation 546°F39°F
Mon 2/7Sun followed by cloudsSun followed by cloudsprecipitation 2536°F37°F
Tue 2/8Icy mix in the a.m.; showersIcy mix in the a.m.; showersprecipitation 10045°F36°F
Wed 2/9More sun than cloudsMore sun than cloudsprecipitation 2050°F39°F
Thu 2/10Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 2036°F43°F
Fri 2/11A bit of ice in the morningA bit of ice in the morningprecipitation 10039°F32°F
Sat 2/12Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 2041°F36°F
Sun 2/13Cloudy and milderCloudy and milderprecipitation 2548°F36°F
Mon 2/14Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 2045°F34°F
Tue 2/15CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2545°F34°F
Wed 2/16Considerable cloudinessConsiderable cloudinessprecipitation 2548°F34°F
Thu 2/17Rain at timesRain at timesprecipitation 8837°F34°F
Fri 2/18Occasional rainOccasional rainprecipitation 8845°F34°F
Sat 2/19Sunny to partly cloudySunny to partly cloudyprecipitation 141°F32°F
Sun 2/20Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 441°F37°F
Mon 2/21A bit of snow in the morningA bit of snow in the morningprecipitation 5846°F43°F
Tue 2/22Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 037°F41°F
Wed 2/23Sunshine and patchy cloudsSunshine and patchy cloudsprecipitation 037°F34°F
Thu 2/24A little rain in the morningA little rain in the morningprecipitation 5943°F36°F
Fri 2/25Windy with rainWindy with rainprecipitation 9450°F34°F
Fri 2/25Windy with rainWindy with rainprecipitation 9450°F34°F
Sat 2/26Mostly sunny and windyMostly sunny and windyprecipitation 048°F36°F
Sun 2/27Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 546°F37°F
Mon 2/28A little afternoon rainA little afternoon rainprecipitation 6350°F37°F
Tue 3/1Overcast with afternoon rainOvercast with afternoon rainprecipitation 7550°F34°F
Wed 3/2Sun and cloudsSun and cloudsprecipitation 448°F34°F
Thu 3/3Snow showers in the morningSnow showers in the morningprecipitation 4941°F36°F
Fri 3/4Mostly sunny and milderMostly sunny and milderprecipitation 048°F37°F
Sat 3/5Periods of rainPeriods of rainprecipitation 8852°F34°F
Sun 3/6Cloudy, a little rain; windyCloudy, a little rain; windyprecipitation 8252°F36°F
Mon 3/7Very windy; partly sunnyVery windy; partly sunnyprecipitation 145°F34°F
Tue 3/8Rather cloudy and not as coolRather cloudy and not as coolprecipitation 2554°F37°F
Wed 3/9Clouds giving way to some sunClouds giving way to some sunprecipitation 146°F36°F
Thu 3/10A little afternoon rainA little afternoon rainprecipitation 6145°F34°F
Fri 3/11A bit of ice in the morningA bit of ice in the morningprecipitation 6146°F32°F
Sat 3/12Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 043°F37°F
Sun 3/13RainRainprecipitation 9443°F32°F
Mon 3/14Morning rain, then a showerMorning rain, then a showerprecipitation 8446°F34°F
Tue 3/15Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 046°F36°F
Wed 3/16A little afternoon rainA little afternoon rainprecipitation 6246°F34°F
Thu 3/17WindyWindyprecipitation 5846°F36°F
Fri 3/18Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 946°F34°F
Sat 3/19Cloudy with a bit of rainCloudy with a bit of rainprecipitation 8148°F32°F
Sun 3/20A rain and sleet showerA rain and sleet showerprecipitation 8546°F32°F
Mon 3/21Mostly sunny and windyMostly sunny and windyprecipitation 246°F41°F
Tue 3/22Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 150°F41°F
Wed 3/23Windy with a bit of rainWindy with a bit of rainprecipitation 5757°F36°F
Thu 3/24Periods of rainPeriods of rainprecipitation 8850°F32°F
Fri 3/25A bit of rain in the morningA bit of rain in the morningprecipitation 5746°F34°F
Sat 3/26Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 146°F34°F
Sun 3/27SunshineSunshineprecipitation 050°F45°F
Mon 3/28Occasional morning rainOccasional morning rainprecipitation 5857°F43°F
Tue 3/29Windy; rain in the afternoonWindy; rain in the afternoonprecipitation 8763°F39°F
Wed 3/30Partly sunnyPartly sunnyprecipitation 055°F41°F
Thu 3/31Windy with periods of rainWindy with periods of rainprecipitation 8852°F37°F
Fri 4/1Mostly cloudyMostly cloudyprecipitation 054°F37°F

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