District of Columbia DC, Colonial Village Weather 7 Day

Colonial Village Weather 7 Day

Mon 10/25An afternoon shower or twoAn afternoon shower or twoprecipitation 6677°F57°F
Tue 10/26Becoming windier and coolerBecoming windier and coolerprecipitation 4463°F55°F
Wed 10/27Low clouds and breezyLow clouds and breezyprecipitation 668°F48°F
Thu 10/28Some sun, then cloudsSome sun, then cloudsprecipitation 963°F55°F
Fri 10/29Rain; breezy in the morningRain; breezy in the morningprecipitation 6761°F50°F
Sat 10/30Cloudy with a chance of rainCloudy with a chance of rainprecipitation 3563°F48°F

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