Delaware DE, Henlopen Acres Weather 7 Day

Henlopen Acres Weather 7 Day

Alert Rain and thunderstorms Thursday morning through Friday morning...

Tue 9/21An afternoon shower or twoAn afternoon shower or twoprecipitation 5079°F72°F
Wed 9/22Partly sunny and breezyPartly sunny and breezyprecipitation 2581°F73°F
Thu 9/23Heavy rain and a thunderstormHeavy rain and a thunderstormprecipitation 7575°F63°F
Fri 9/24A little a.m. rain; clearingA little a.m. rain; clearingprecipitation 5572°F64°F
Sat 9/25Mostly sunny and delightfulMostly sunny and delightfulprecipitation 873°F63°F
Sun 9/26Sunny and comfortableSunny and comfortableprecipitation 773°F59°F

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