Minnesota MN, Hugo Weather 14 Day

Hugo Weather 14 Day

Wed 11/30Colder with some sunColder with some sunprecipitation 141°F54°F
Thu 12/1Periods of sun; not as coldPeriods of sun; not as coldprecipitation 134°F34°F
Fri 12/2Milder with high cloudsMilder with high cloudsprecipitation 1139°F55°F
Sat 12/3Mostly sunny and much colderMostly sunny and much colderprecipitation 846°F52°F
Sun 12/4Clouds and sun; not as coldClouds and sun; not as coldprecipitation 737°F45°F
Mon 12/5Cloudy with a little snowCloudy with a little snowprecipitation 6432°F48°F
Tue 12/6Colder; a bit of morning snowColder; a bit of morning snowprecipitation 4943°F55°F
Wed 12/7Cloudy and coldCloudy and coldprecipitation 2543°F59°F
Thu 12/8Mostly sunny and coldMostly sunny and coldprecipitation 145°F55°F
Fri 12/9Mostly sunnyMostly sunnyprecipitation 641°F52°F
Sat 12/10Cloudy and coldCloudy and coldprecipitation 443°F50°F
Sun 12/11CloudyCloudyprecipitation 141°F48°F
Sun 12/11CloudyCloudyprecipitation 2541°F48°F

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